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National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)


Program Management

NNSAAcquisition Planning and Management Support
• Administrative Management
• Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
• Compliance with Federal Regulations, Requirements, Reports, and Certifications
• Human Capital, Resource, and Workforce Process and Planning
• Workforce Recruitment Strategies
• Organizational Assessments
• Performance Management Systems
• Performance Measurement
• Physical Space Allocation Management
• Project Support for 10-Year Facility Recapitalization
• Project Planning
• Configuration Management
• Economic Analysis
• Engineering Analysis & Design
• Facilities Survivability Analysis
• Facility Assessment and Management Planning
• Quality Assurance
• Development of Environmental Safety and Health Professional Programs
• Data Management

 Assessments and Surveys

• Assessment of Security Forces Operational Effectiveness at Various Sites and Facilities
• Assessments of Budgetary Reprogramming Procedures
• Assessment of Nonproliferation Policy and Programmatic Activities
• Field Investigations
• Integrated Contingency Planning
• Remediation Analysis and Design
• Restoration Management
• Site Characterization Studies
• Business Plans
• Continuous Improvement Plans (CIPs)
• Quality Assurance Planning

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